A Very Special Kids Tournament Kind of Weekend

September 28, 2012

Tomorrow is the Very

Special Kids Tournament in Fort DeSoto.  We at Fisherman’s

Ideal Supply House hope there

is a great turn cialis smooth muscle out, a ton of fish are caught and the weather holds up.  A big SHOUT OUT to everyone who volunteers to help make this event happen.    You guys rock!

The Tampa Bay Boat Show is this weekend as well.

Our focus on Facebook this week is all about the ladies.   We are hoping for some late entries to the Photo Contest and really have enjoyed following Florida Sportswoman.  You girls

are amazing out there on the water.  We have seen some incredible pictures of the women in the past – maybe we will

have to dust them off and repost this weekend.

Being it’s the weekend, please come by the shop and learn more about our custom made saltwater fishing rods.  Fisherman’s Ideal Supply House is really excited to https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ou-acheter-du-viagra/ make ‘made to order’ rods for our clients – and we have a number of F.I.S.H. branded rods ready to go – Grouper, Kingfish, etc.

Be safe out there this weekend and

Happy FISHing!

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