Meet The FISH Mermaid

Fisherman's Ideal Supply House Mermaid Shirt

The story of the F.I.S.H. Mermaid began back in 1990.  Owner, Mike Dunsizer, came up with the idea to put a mermaid on his annual F.I.S.H. t-shirt.   Everyone LOVED it!   And “The Mermaid Shirt” was born.

F.I.S.H. began creating a new design every year, improving the look.  At one point, Mike decided not to do a shirt… that was a major mistake as F.I.S.H. customers raised serious hell.   Customers demanded the shirts and really look forward to the new design each year.

Funny story:  several years ago, can you believe someone stole The Mermaid Shirt design and had the nerve to try selling it back to Mike?  Since then he started hiding F.I.S.H. and the date in the graphic design to prevent this type of replication in the future.   Gotcha now!  Ha Ha Ha!

The Mermaid Shirt is beloved by F.I.S.H. customers and worn all around the world. The shirt continues to evolve and may include some interesting things in the future.

Coming soon:  Where In The World Is Your Mermaid?   We will be asking for customers to post pictures of them wearing their Mermaid shirt in unique places around the world.   Should be fun!

Happy Fishing!