Family Fun Fishing During Spring Break

March 27, 2014

Family Fun Fishing During Spring Break

Family Fishing During Spring Break

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Early spring is a great time to get out for some “Family Fun Fishing”

As the weather begins to warm and the kids start thinking of spring break, the annual migration of bait fish is heading our way. Fishing right now can be one of the best and easiest of the year.

Before we get into to much levitra buy uk cheap detail lets define Family Fun Fishing. Family Fun Fishing to me is getting the family together and spending some quality time together, CATCHING FISH. It is a trip that is not overly complicated or one that has minimal results, its fast action with food fish done simple.

What You Need

To get started all you need is a standard inshore set up. I prefer a Quantum Cabo 40 spooled with 15 lb braided line attached to a Tsunami Air Wave 7’6” rod. From there I like to tie a 3’-4’ section of 30 lb mono on as a leader and then use a 1/0 long shank hook to finish off the rig.

For bait we like to use a variety of things such as shrimp, pinfish, or white bait. Jigs such as the MirrOLure Lil John and the MirrOdine will also work for those uninterested in bait.

Now we are getting in to the main section, the fishing. After swinging by F.I.S.H to pick up our hooks and most importantly a chum block we like to head to areas of deep grass, 3-6’. These areas are usually where a shallow grass flat falls off into a channel or off the edges of shallow bars. Deploying the chum bag and tossing a few “free bees” of bait around will have the action rolling quickly. The deep grass on some days will be hard to see but having a good pair of sunglasses such as Salt Life Sport Optics will greatly help your visibility, and once a good spot is found save it in your GPS to make it easier to return next time.

Expect to see a variety of species such as speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, black tip sharks, bluefish, and many more. Take plenty of hooks because you will loose some due to toothy critters but what you will gain by the end of the day is good quality family time and a great fish dinner.

Happy Fishing, friends!

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