Fishing Tips To Catch Sheepshead

January 13, 2014

Fishing Tips To Catch Sheepshead

Captain Nate - Fishing TipsFor the month of January, there’s no hotter bite for me in the intracoastal of the Gulf of Mexico than sheepshead.  Here are a few fishing tips to

catch sheepshead.

I target them around residential docks.  I rig with 20# flourocarbon and a #2 owner mutu lt circle hook with a BB size or #7 pinch weight right at the hook.  Live shrimp is the ticket.  If the shrimp are under 2″ I’ll use em whole.  If they are bigger I will cut em in half or thirds.  On a 4 hour charter, we usually wouldn’t have a hard time getting a 4 man limit.  However, I usually only put 2 fish per person in the cooler.  Most fish are a few pounds and we get em to 4+ pounds a few times a week.FIshing Tips to Catch Sheepshead

I concentrate my fishing on deeper residential docks with good water movement.  I don’t care if it’s coming or going.  I have my clients pitch baits at the pilings and let

the bait sink straight down or we’ll pitch baits under the docks. If you are not within a few feet of the structure, you aren’t in the right place. I tell em to feel for the slightest bumps. When you feel a bump, SLOWLY try to pull the bait away from the bumping.  If you feel weight, give the rod a slight flick. If it’s what I describe as a “machine gun pecking” just reel the bait back and recast it. More often than not the rapid pecking is pinfish.

Good luck out there! And Happy FISHing!

Captain Nate

To see Captain Nate’s incredible Sheepshead photo gallery, click here. 


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