How And When To Fish The Docks

October 24, 2013

How And When To Fish The Docks

How And When To Fish The DocksThis weeks’ Tip Of The Week is provided by Pocket Change Inshore Fishing Charters: How And When To Fish The Docks

Many people like to hit the docks at night when the lights come on. Although this can be a great strategy, hitting the docks in daylight hours can be very effective as well. We have been crushing both snook and redfish lately fishing the docks during the day and this is how we have been doing it.


First, pay attention to the tides. The best tide inside the Tampa Bay for dock fishing is

the latter part of the incoming tide. We fish based on the tide rather than the time of day, as we yield much better results with this strategy. Even though it is day time, a quiet approach is key. No slamming live-well hatches or throwing anchors in the water.


Act like you are fishing near someone’s home in the middle of the night so you don’t spook the fish.


White bait, jumbo shrimp and pinfish are the baits of choice. Use a bobber if you are new to dock fishing, but if you are comfortable, free lining is the best. Don’t be afraid to throw lures like DOA’s or gulp shrimp tails especially if junk fish keep harassing your live bait.

What seems to be working for you around the docks?

Good luck folks!

Team Pocket Change Inshore Fishing Charters



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