How To Troll Lures And Baits

November 13, 2013

How To Troll Lures And Baits

Zwing Downrigger

DOWNRIGGER FISHING is quite simple when you use the right equipment.  To answer the question, ” How To Troll Lures And Baits “, we will compare the Zwing Downrigger to the traditional Lead Ball.

Having the ability to troll lures and baits over a wide range of speeds without complicated adjustments to the length of the tow cord has been a dream of anglers and captains for many years. Unlike any other downrigger or planar the Zwing’s unique design creates an underwater disturbance that imitates the vibrations produced by injured or schooling baitfish. Adding flashers, dodgers, or other teasers makes for an even more effective fish-attracting system. The Zwing brings downrigger fishing closer to perfection.

Operating on the principle of hydrodynamic depression, rather than just weight, the Zwing overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional lead ball. The lead ball rises with speed. The Zwing’s hydrodynamic shape increases downward pressure with speed. No more heavy lead balls rolling around the boat or swinging off the end of downrigger booms which can cause damage to both angler and boat alike.

The Zwing

is made from, lightweight, virtually indestructible, polypropylene plastic. By applying a heat source (such as hot

water) to the Zwing’s back fin joints, a slight angle in the fins can be positioned and set. These offset fins will produce a horizontal angle in addition to the vertical downward angle. The Zwing will track away from the boat while maintaining desired depth. This feature is critical when fishing for spooky species like Salmon or

Trout. Returning the fins to a straight position will enable the Zwing to regain normal tracking.

After 26 years of research and development the Zwing brings downrigger fishing closer to perfection. The Zwing downrigger offers a great alternative to the traditional lead ball.  The design puts you in control of depth and lateral location. The Zwing is made from, lightweight, viagra achat ligne belgique virtually indestructible, polypropylene plastic and can be customized to track in any direction away from your boat.

Learn more about the Zwing Downrigger here.

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