How To Use An Anchor Retrieval System

December 16, 2013

How To Use An Anchor Retrieval System

Using an Anchor Puller or Anchor Retrieval System can make your life a lot more simple while out there on the water, providing you more fishing time.

Anchor Retrieval System / Anchor Puller

Click on the image and print out a copy to take with you!

We will outline how our system works by using:

  1. a net ball attached to a stainless ring
  2. 3/8″ or 1/2″ nylon line and
  3. a stainless snap

Keep in mind that your net ball size depends on the weight of your anchor and


  • NB-40 will float 40 lbs
  • NB-50 will float 75 lbs
  • NB-60 will float 130 lbs
  • NB-75 will float 240 lbs

As in the diagram, to pull the anchor, snap the anchor ring on your anchor line, start up the boat, run at fast idle in the direction show on the diagram.

Watch the anchor line to ensure boat does not run over top of the anchor line. When the anchor line comes along side of the boat,

fasten anchor line to rear cleat and keep running boat in same direction.  The net ball

will slide down the anchor line and disappear.  When it pops back up with the anchor, keep going to ensure the anchor ring gets down chain to anchor.  When you stop the boat, the net ball, anchor and anchor line will be floating on the surface!

Fisherman’s Ideal Supply House offers a complete Anchor Puller / Anchor Retrieval System at our store.   Stop in and check them out.

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