Saltwater Fishing Tips Of The Week | Heavy Chumming

August 28, 2013

Fishing Chum In the Water

Saltwater Fishing Tips of the Week | Heavy Chumming

Here is a saltwater fishing tips of the week – Heavy Chumming and Light line by Capt. Brad of Fully Involved Charters in Bradenton. ┬áBait is plentiful, so use it.

Capt Brad Fully Involved ChartersRight now there are literally tons of shiners all over the beach and grass flats. Using a 1/4″ net, I have been filling my livewell to it’s maximum capacity and then grabbing a little more for dead bait and putting that in a 5 gallon bucket. Whether I am near a mangrove shore or on a nearshore wreck or reef, I am chumming like crazy. On the high tides, I have been fishing my favorite redfish spots near mangroves and oyster bars. Chum heavily, and you can keep a school of reds behind the boat for a long time. Some of the reds we have been catching

will have as many as 20 shiners in the belly.

All of the nearshore artificial reefs and wrecks have a lot of fish on them right now. Again, the key is to chum a lot. I have been anchoring just up current, maybe 50 feet, from the structure I want to fish and chumming. We have been catching lots of big spanish mackerel up to 30 inches, snapper, gags, a few cobia, and sharks.

While you are chumming with the shiners, it is a good idea to have a variety of baits, and a variety of tackle and rigs. I have been using a lot of light tackle and light leader because the water has been so clear and it has been paying off. Sometimes you will get worked by a big grouper on light tackle, but you get more bites than using the heavy stuff. For the mackerel, I use 20# fluoro leader with a 1/0 long shank hook. Snapper and gags have been hitting good on a heavy spinning

setup with 20# Momoi main line, a 1 oz. sinker, small swivel, 20# fluoro leader, and a 2/0 Owner Muto light circle hook. I have also been using a heavy bottom rig with a big cut bait for sharks and a heavy spinner with a freelined pinfish for cobia or anything else that might be hungry.

So, remember, heavy chum and light lines.

Capt. Brad, Fully Involved Charters

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