Family Fun Fishing During Spring Break

Family Fishing During Spring Break

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Early spring is a great time to get out for some “Family Fun Fishing”

As the weather begins to warm and the kids start thinking of spring break, the annual migration of bait fish is heading our way. Fishing right now can be one of the best and easiest of the year.

Before we get into to much levitra buy uk cheap detail lets define Family Fun Fishing. Family Fun Fishing to me is getting the family together and spending some quality time together, CATCHING FISH. It is a trip that is not overly complicated or one that has minimal results, its fast action with food fish done simple.

What You Need

To get started all you need is a standard inshore set up. I prefer a Quantum Cabo 40 spooled with 15 lb braided line attached to a Tsunami Air Wave 7’6” rod. From there I like to tie a 3’-4’ section of 30 lb mono on as a leader and then use a 1/0 long shank hook to finish off the rig.

For bait we like to use a variety of things such as shrimp, pinfish, or white bait. Jigs such as the MirrOLure Lil John and the MirrOdine will also work for those uninterested in bait.

Now we are getting in to the main section, the fishing. After swinging by F.I.S.H to pick up our hooks and most importantly a chum block we like to head to areas of deep grass, 3-6’. These areas are usually where a shallow grass flat falls off into a channel or off the edges of shallow bars. Deploying the chum bag and tossing a few “free bees” of bait around will have the action rolling quickly. The deep grass on some days will be hard to see but having a good pair of sunglasses such as Salt Life Sport Optics will greatly help your visibility, and once a good spot is found save it in your GPS to make it easier to return next time.

Expect to see a variety of species such as speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, black tip sharks, bluefish, and many more. Take plenty of hooks because you will loose some due to toothy critters but what you will gain by the end of the day is good quality family time and a great fish dinner.

Happy Fishing, friends!

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Near Shore Fishing Tips For the Gulf of Mexico

Near Shore Fishing Tips For the Gulf of MexicoFishing near shore reefs and rock bottom will produce quality fish.

Basically we are using a standard red

fish rod and reel set up and taking it out to around 30 ft or so. My main line is 20 lb braid with 25 to 30 lb fluorocarbon leader material with a 1 ounce sinker and a 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook, using the knocker rig set up.

The bait of choice this time of year (February) would be fresh shrimp (dead or alive) and A LOT of them.

 Our target species for this month would be Key West Grunt, Flounder, Hog fish, Mangrove Snapper and Sheepshead. As always, be ready to get hammered by a nice Gag Grouper that will have to be put back to swim another day.

Catch On Charters - Near Shore Fishing Tips

Catch On Charters provides near shore fishing trips throughout the Tampa Bay area.

I have found when placing your bait down once you have hit the bottom, reel in one or two times.  Once you start feeling the fish do not set the the hook;  just a slight raise of the the rod will do the trick.






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Fishing Tips To Catch Sheepshead

Captain Nate - Fishing TipsFor the month of January, there’s no hotter bite for me in the intracoastal of the Gulf of Mexico than sheepshead.  Here are a few fishing tips to

catch sheepshead.

I target them around residential docks.  I rig with 20# flourocarbon and a #2 owner mutu lt circle hook with a BB size or #7 pinch weight right at the hook.  Live shrimp is the ticket.  If the shrimp are under 2″ I’ll use em whole.  If they are bigger I will cut em in half or thirds.  On a 4 hour charter, we usually wouldn’t have a hard time getting a 4 man limit.  However, I usually only put 2 fish per person in the cooler.  Most fish are a few pounds and we get em to 4+ pounds a few times a week.FIshing Tips to Catch Sheepshead

I concentrate my fishing on deeper residential docks with good water movement.  I don’t care if it’s coming or going.  I have my clients pitch baits at the pilings and let

the bait sink straight down or we’ll pitch baits under the docks. If you are not within a few feet of the structure, you aren’t in the right place. I tell em to feel for the slightest bumps. When you feel a bump, SLOWLY try to pull the bait away from the bumping.  If you feel weight, give the rod a slight flick. If it’s what I describe as a “machine gun pecking” just reel the bait back and recast it. More often than not the rapid pecking is pinfish.

Good luck out there! And Happy FISHing!

Captain Nate

To see Captain Nate’s incredible Sheepshead photo gallery, click here. 


More Fishing tips


How To Use An Anchor Retrieval System

Using an Anchor Puller or Anchor Retrieval System can make your life a lot more simple while out there on the water, providing you more fishing time.

Anchor Retrieval System / Anchor Puller

Click on the image and print out a copy to take with you!

We will outline how our system works by using:

  1. a net ball attached to a stainless ring
  2. 3/8″ or 1/2″ nylon line and
  3. a stainless snap

Keep in mind that your net ball size depends on the weight of your anchor and


  • NB-40 will float 40 lbs
  • NB-50 will float 75 lbs
  • NB-60 will float 130 lbs
  • NB-75 will float 240 lbs

As in the diagram, to pull the anchor, snap the anchor ring on your anchor line, start up the boat, run at fast idle in the direction show on the diagram.

Watch the anchor line to ensure boat does not run over top of the anchor line. When the anchor line comes along side of the boat,

fasten anchor line to rear cleat and keep running boat in same direction.  The net ball

will slide down the anchor line and disappear.  When it pops back up with the anchor, keep going to ensure the anchor ring gets down chain to anchor.  When you stop the boat, the net ball, anchor and anchor line will be floating on the surface!

Fisherman’s Ideal Supply House offers a complete Anchor Puller / Anchor Retrieval System at our store.   Stop in and check them out.

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